July 31

Traditional Repair vs. SMART Repair: Fact Check


Traditional Repair vs. Smart Repair

Traditional repair means taking a damaged car to a traditional body shop for a given time even for relatively minor ding. But technological advances have dramatically changed this. SMART or “Small Medium Area Repair Technology” have provided a less invasive method to repair vehicle panels with perfect results to produce quality repairs performed on dents, scratches , bumper and wheel damages.

In What Ways are These Repairs Different?

As to the Method Used

Traditional body repair involves use of a sander to grind off the paint, pounding on the metal and using a body putty to fill the space before repainting follows. 

SMART Repairs involves using the right tools and techniques where the metal is slowly pulled and pushed back to make sure the panel is back to its original state. The surface is made smooth and straight. 

As to the Cost

Traditional body repair is quite costly aside from the time it takes to complete the work. Traditional body shop work demands more intricate and intrusive methods to repair your car panels. This is definitely more costly because it requires bonding, sanding, and painting each damaged panel.

SMART Repairs is very economical and environment-friendly. It also requires less cost than traditional repair methods. The dent repair cost actually depends on the location of the dents but in rejuvenating the look of your car it is a lot inexpensive and lower using revolutionary tools and techniques.

As to the Time Spent

Traditional repair is more tedious and may require longer time because of the phases that  every damage must undergo. It involves a lot of time spent from the disassembly to reassembly which is time consuming.

SMART Repairs  can normally be completed in less than a day. It can restore the original look of your car depending on the severity of the cosmetic damage, typical repairs can be completed in around 3 hours.

As to Degree of Convenience

Traditional removal is more of a hassle as there is always a need to visit a traditional body shop even for minor dings and dents. It takes you time and effort to bring your vehicle to the shop and return again after some time.

Smart Repairs is convenient as it offers faster turnaround. Being without your vehicle for an extended period is a major inconvenience. In addition, mobile Smart Repairs being performed in your office or workplace makes the whole process really convenient.

As to Its Impact to the Environment

Traditional repair uses substance during the dent repair process. Body filler, and paint is being used for the vehicle’s exterior.Traditional auto body repair requires the use of chemicals during the bonding, sanding, and painting of the repaired areas. 

Smart Repairs is definitely environmentally friendly. No chemicals and environmentally harmful products are released into the air. Smart Repairs is Eco-Friendly as it doesn't use putty, fillers, or paint that harms the environment.


Each system provides unique methods to repair vehicle damage and customers are provided options to choose the best system for  their vehicle. However it is important to understand the pros and cons of each alternative to determine which works best. The facts will lead every customer to a good decision especially that SMART Repair Services have revealed how innovation in the automotive repair industry can respond to fast-paced life of most vehicle-owners. 

SMART Repair is cost-effective, time-saving and definitely earth-friendly! This makes SMART Repair business thrive as the market continues to grow.

Let Restore Automotive teach you not only run and own a business but achieve prosperity and fulfilment along the way! Get in touch today and get started!      


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