May 13

Smart Repairs and Customer Retention


It’s Time to Think About Customer Retention

Customer loyalty  is achieved through an effective customer retention program. This does not only lower the cost of marketing but it really boosts overall profitability. A happy customer comes back for repeat business while they create a good reputation for your services through word of mouth. Success in the SMART repair industry is determined by a customer-centric system.

​Some Simple Tips to Improve Customer Retention

1.Keep Customers Updated

Most customers are busy with their daily grind which makes car repair the last on their lists.Neglecting body repairs and other panel issues which could have been fixed months ago is a common case among many car owners.Rather than assuming a customer has lost interest  it is really smart to contact current customers for a follow up. Surely these customers will book an appointment and continue their loyalty to your SMART Repair service. 

2.Be Honest

Customers who don’t understand the costs of their repairs sometimes feel like they have been ripped off. Being honest and transparent in billing your customers will  attract and retain them. SMART repairs service center that provides a simple, itemized bill  with a clear explanation makes happy and satisfied customers.

3.Give Incentives

Spending a little amount on incentives for customers can create a big impact on customer loyalty. A stronger relationship between the customer and Smart Repair service  technicians can be formed with many different types of incentives for a returning customer. Incentives can be in the form of a coupon, a free service or  a gift card.The main goal is to make them come back after an initial visit.

4.Keep Track of Your Customers

A Smart Repair Service has to be on track of customer records. Collect and keep customer email addresses and contact numbers. These must be kept in file for easy access. Data shows that  91 %  of service and product consumers check on their email on a daily basis. Sending your customers emails about current  offers and promotions or just a simple reminder of their last service is a surefire strategy to keep in touch with them. This will surely bring customers back to your shop.

5.Ask for Feedback

Ask customers to review your services to establish you SMART Repair service’s reputation. This is done better through online reviews like those on Google Business Listing or on social media platforms. These reviews help improve services and attract potential customers. You can devise a host of questions which may include customer satisfaction as to the quality of work, price of services, technicians’ level of expertise etc.These questions could be tailored, depending on your Smart Repair services and processes. 

Final Thoughts

The Smart Repair industry has to respond to the challenges of the times. This requires applying best practices that are effective in sustaining the business. And since marketing expenditures are always expensive, the move to cut costs demands managing customer retention. Customer return for services is crucial to business success and this has to be addressed by every Smart Repair business. 

Success in the Smart Repair business is certain with a systematized operating system and a proven business model.  Restore Automotive franchise can help you build a successful and reliable business with a solid customer retention strategy. 

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