The SMART repair industry is very much a growing market with the number of cars on the road increasing along with the average age of ownership. This indicates that not only are people buying new vehicles but also currently investing more into maintaining their existing cars.

In the year 2000 there were approximately 2.7m cars recorded on the road in the UK and then the updated stats came in for 2016 showing this has since increased to 3.1m thats an increase of 25,000 cars a year added to the roads in the UK.

Finance lease, company cars and hire agreements are more popular than ever before and so is the need to return these vehicles without damage to avoid costly penalties.

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Smart Repair: The First Logical Choice

The SMART repair concept has been an inside trade secret in the automotive sector for over 20 years with main dealers, body-shops and car sales utilising the faster, cheaper repair methods that have been developed.

Until recent years it seems the general public where kept in the dark about this technology and still now a lot of people have never heard of these repair methods that are now available, but the light has been cast across the retail market which is still relatively untapped opening up the floodgates for vehicle owners that have suffered damage to their beloved automobiles.

"Our aim is to continue to build on this success so that SMART repair is the first logical choice to fixing minor cosmetic repair."

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