You Can Own & Build a Successful Business With Restore Automotive

Restore Automotive provides a business opportunity for you to start running and building your own profitable company.

“Let us teach you the best, successful and most profitable systemised operating system to hit the road running and not only run and own a business but achieve prosperity and fulfilment along the way!”

Why a Restore Automotive Franchise?

With a Restore Automotive franchise, you can build a successful and reliable business with no previous experience in repairing cars, management or self-employment. Through using our proven business model that has brought success throughout the Thames Valley serving 1000s of customers, you will follow a clear path with full support and training along the way to ensure that your dreams of running your own business become a reality.

Restore Automotive Smart Repair Franchise, The Best Choice For Turn-Key UK Automotive Franchises In The UK

The Market

The SMART repair market is growing solidly with the number of cars and the average age of cars in the UK is also increasing.  Finance lease, company cars and hire agreements are popular and so is the need to return these vehicles without damage to avoid costly penalties.

The Opportunity

Our Franchise business provide a convenient and affordable way to have minor cosmetic repairs carried out on customer vehicles, at their location and convenience. Operating as a mobile service, your overheads are reduced providing a profitable business opportunity.      

Marketing & Support

As a Restore Automotive Franchise owner you will not be left  alone to fend for yourself! You will not only benefit from FULL ongoing technical and and business support, but marketing and lead generation support is provided so that your business doesn't just survive, it thrives! 

Who Is The Restore Automotive Franchise Opportunity For? 

The Restore Automotive Franchise is the ultimate opportunity for a shrewd entrepreneur who wants to hit the ground running with a successful motor repair Industry business with unlimited potential. All this while at the same time providing an in-demand service that people actually want, need and when they see the results and cost benefits actually love!

Want to run your own automotive franchise but don’t know where to start?

The first thing I would start with is asking yourself why. This may seem like an obvious question but you should really have a good clear idea from the beginning of why you wish to run your own Business, Why do you want to work for yourself and what do you really want to achieve?

Discovering your true desire or intentions early on will help you shape your mindset, stick to your plan with clear outlined goals and more importantly set you up in a business that works for you.

TOP TIP – Whilst working on the why, try and envision yourself in 5 years time and 10 years time, what would your business look like then? Would you want to expand and have a number of employees? Would you franchise?

Know your numbers and do the Math!

It’s a difficult task to get the exact numbers right in the beginning but you can definitely work on rough figures to give you a guideline to aim for, this can be tweaked as you develop and grow but without a clear monthly target that clears your overheads such as salary and outgoing costs you can not begin to work on how to actually turn a profit.

Work out your start up costs such as initial training, business registration, website, sales and marketing, tools, outsourcing contractors such as accounts and bookkeeping. This will give you your rough start up cost. Now work on your monthly outgoings, salary, subcontractors, ongoing marketing, van or premises rentals, liability insurance, don’t forget to include your own salary in this equation and also allow for saving the relevant taxes you will pay.  

Dream of being your own boss and run your own company but do not have the knowledge or support network to go it alone?

 With our proven work model we can help our franchisees become successful single and multi-van business owners.

Benefits of investing in a Restore Automotive franchise

Stats show that over 50 % of business start ups fail within the first 4 years whereas the increased probability of success with a franchise usually far outweighs the initial franchise fee and royalties that are paid monthly.  

A franchise is a proven system with ongoing support  which brings success. Franchises bring brand awareness with their names from day one. Therefore, customers will know about your products which will increase your sales. By buying a franchise, you are actually buying a turnkey business that is ready and waiting for you to start, why not get a head-start in business!

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